To Sierra Park Water Co. Shareholders and Valued Customers

From: Kirk Knudsen, President and CEO

Subject: Final Res. W-5232 – Sierra Park Water Company (Advice Letter 7)

Greetings All,

2020 is quickly coming to an end…..none too soon. The holiday season is days away and we’re being told to limit our time with our extended families which is the complete opposite of what the holiday season is for. I hope everyone’s families and friends are staying safe and cautious. Do not put your guard down in anyway. It’s not worth someone’s life.

We wanted to make everyone aware ahead of time of some decisions that have been made by the CPUC over the last several months that will affect our bills going forward. The final resolution W-5204 was set as our General Rate Case (GRC), which is the monthly amount that the CPUC allows us to charge. Here is a breakdown of the current charges you will see on your next invoice.

$13.25  – Rate increase as of 12/1/2020 per Res. W-5204

$75.23 – January water rate per Res. W-5204

$75.23 – February water rate per Res. W-5204

$75.23 – March water rate per Res. W-5204

$21.09 – Legal surcharge per Res. W-5232

$15.88 – Eng. Study surcharge per Res. W-5232

During these pandemic times it’s never easy to enforce higher rates. In order for the SPWC to sustain the water company, quality of the water and adhere to the judgements that the CPUC ordered, we must make these changes. Copies of both Resolutions can be found on our website.

Have a safe, sane and healthy holiday season

Season’s Greetings,

Kirk Knudsen